Tommy Bahama Women's Assorted Lot | Mixed Season | 500 Pieces and Up

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Tommy Bahama Women's Assorted Lot | Mixed Season | 500 Pieces and Up

  • Brand: Tommy Bahama
  • Gender: Womens
  • Liquidation Type: First Quality Samples
  • Season: Mix of all seasons (spring, summer, fall winter).
  • Sizes: Medium and Large only 
  • Types of Clothing Included: Tops, Dresses, and Bottoms only.  
  • Additional Details: Includes Hang Tags (without MSRP)

Pricing & Quantity

    • 500 Pieces
      • Price Per Piece: $6.37
      • Total Cost: $3185
    • 1000 Pieces
      • Price Per Piece: $6.15
      • Total Cost: $6150

    Call in or email us to purchase, all pallet orders require important shipping details.

    First Quality Samples: This merchandise is First Quality Samples: meaning that they were created by the branded company to then be sent to the manufacturer for production. These are new, never worn, never exposed in a retail environment. Generally we guarantee 90% will contain the hang tags (without msrp). Less than 10% may have tags missing (usually far less than 10%). Each lot is sold in multiple unopened boxes as they are recieved from the branded company. Each box will have between 25 - 50 pieces included, and each box is labeled with piece count and item type (tops or bottoms). Dresses are included in boxes labeled "tops." The contents of each box varies, some boxes may be a mix of all different designs, colors, etc., while some boxes may have many or mostly the same item. This is a great lot for medium - large size retail stores. 

    What types of businesses will have success with this specific product listing? 

    • Retail Stores
    • Flea Market Sellers
    • Boutiques
    • Consignment Shops
    • Wholesalers