Target Swimwear | Overstock Lot | 100 Pieces | Mixed Brands & Styles | Women's | $3.37/pc

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Product Code: TGT-APPAREL

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Target Swimwear Overstock Lot | 100 Pieces | Women's | $3.37/pc

  • Offer Type: Assorted Lot of swimwear & bathing suits. 
  • Condition: Overstock, Brand New with Tags
  • Gender/Age: Women's & Juniors
  • Assortment of Colors Available
  • Assortment of Styles Available
  • Assortment of Brands Available
  • Customizable Lot: We can customize this lot by size and style to fit your needs and your customer's needs. Leave a note on your order, or call in/email us and we will fulfill your request. 
  • Not Manifested
  • The sale of this product requires tags to be marked through, but not removed or made unverifiable. Please read our Tags Policy for this product.

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    • 100 Pieces:
      • Total Cost: $337
      • Per Piece: $3.37
    • 1000 Pieces:
      • Total Cost: $3000
      • Per Piece: $3.00

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      Target Swimwear Customizable Lot: This is an assorted swimwear lot of new overstock from Target. Items will have retail tags with discount or reduced price tags on them.

      Customized Pack Product: Have a preference? You can call in, email, or even order right now and leave a note on your order with your preferences and our team will do their best to fulfill your order to your liking.

      We can often customize your order based on size, style, color, and so forth. The scope of what we can do for you depends on the extent of your request, we encourage you to call us so we can better serve your needs. 770-530-2282

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