Cat & Jack Manifested Kids Shorts Lot | New Overstock | 135 Pieces

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Product Code: TGT-DC-01-K

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Cat & Jack Kids Shorts Lot | Manifested | New Overstock | 135 Pieces 

  • Offer Type: Manifested Apparel Lot
  • Condition: New Overstock, retail tags included
  • Brand: Cat & Jack
  • Gender/Age: Kids
  • Current Seasons Available: Spring/Summer
  • Manifested: View Manifest Here
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Pricing, Quantity & Retail Value:

    • Pricing:
      • Per Piece: $3.01
      • Total Cost: $406.25
    • Quantity: 135 Pieces
      • Retail Value: $1753.65

        Target Manifested Kids Apparel Lot: This is a manifested apparel lot of Cat & Jack kids New Overstock shorts. Never before exposed to a retail environment. Click Here to View Manifest

        What types of businesses will have success with this specific product listing? 

        • Retail Stores
        • Flea Market Sellers
        • Poshmark Stores
        • eBay Stores
        • eCommerce Stores

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