Nordstrom's Women's Apparel Pallet | Shelf Pulls | (Call in or Email to Purchase)

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Nordstrom's Women's Assorted Apparel Pallet | Shelf Pulls | (Call or Contact Us to Purchase)

  • Offer Type: Apparel Pallet
  • Liquidation Type: Shelf Pulls (Closeout)
  • Estimated Quantity: 550 - 700+ Pieces on average
  • Brand Names Often Included: Free People, Lovestitch, Vince Camuto, Seven, Sanctuary, ASTR, Top Shop, BCBG, Good Luck Gem, Made Well, ECI, Puma, Socialite, French Connection, London Times and many more.
  • Type of Clothing Often Included: tops, dresses, skirts, rompers, shorts, jeans, pants and more.
  • Hang Tags: Majority will have hang tags, discount tags often attached/included.
  • Not Manifested
  • Sold by the pallet

Call in or contact us for shipping & to purchase, 770-530-2282

Price: This product is sold by the pallet for a flat rate.

  • 550 - 700+ Piece Pallet
    • Total Cost: $2950.00

Nordstrom's Assorted Apparel Pallet: These are unsorted, untouched pallets of Nordstrom women's assorted apparel. All merchandise is in shelf pull condition. While this is not hand sorted & curated like the Assorted lot of Nordstrom women's apparel, it is offered at a much cheaper price. Given COVID-19, most Nordstrom department stores are closed, so we are seeing some really nice pallets come through our doors at this time. This lot is sold at a flate rate by the pallet, the number of pieces included vary.

What types of businesses will have success with this specific product listing? 

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Large eBay stores
  • Large Poshmark Stores
  • Consignment Stores