Understanding our Product Tags Policy:

This policy only applies to certain products. If a listing says: "The sale of this product requires tags to be marked through, but not removed or made unverifiable. Please read our Tags Policy for this product." Then the following information and rules apply: 

Due to the nature of our relationship with certain companies & department stores, some products require that the tags be marked through. This is not to hide the brand or to hide from where the product is coming from, it is to ensure that a given item is not returned to the store when it was bought in a wholesale/liquidation process. Returning items that have been purchased outside of the store is illegal. 

The marking through of tags, does not require that you completely remove the brand name, or make entirely unrecognizable. It only requires that you mark through in a way that makes it clear that this product was not purchased in store. Thus a small mark through line with a permanent marker will almost always suffice. 

Delabeling Agreement

When you place an order for a product that requires tags to be marked through, we will provide you with a 1 page agreement, that requires your name, company, and signature. We will send those details to you via email after an order is placed on our website, or before an order is placed if you have contacted us & intend to place an order via one of our representatives. 

When am I not required to delable products that fall within this policy? 

If you are purchasing in large enough quantities with intention to resell as a lot of or pallet or wholesale quantity, you are required to pass down the agreement we send you, to you clientele. We will provide all necessary information, the process is very simple and easy to uphold.