Truckloads of Liquidated Clothing Wholesale

  • Overstock, Shelf Pulls, Closeouts: We provide apparel Liquidations from major department stores and distributors located all over the United States.
  • Store Returns: We work with major retail stores & distributors to provide our customer base with in-demand mens, womens, and kids store returns apparel & shoes.
  • Excess Manufacturer inventory: We provide consistently high quality designer fashion merchandise resulting from excess manufacturer inventory. 

Truckloads of Liquidated Shoes Wholesale

  • We can facilitate truckloads of liquidated shoes such as overstock, shelf pulls, closeouts etc. These are great loads for retail stores.

Truckloads of Used Clothing Wholesale

  • Credential Clothing: Unsorted Clothing still in the original donation bags from thrift stores, donation boxes, & charities in high income areas. 

  • Mixed Rag/Institutional: This clothing comes from "thrift store surplus" or "shelf pull" - clothing that did not sell in the thrift store, which is then pulled from the floor and baled or packaged to be sold in mass quantities.

Truckloads of Used Shoes Wholesale

  • Paired Shoes: We sell paired shoes by the truckload or partial truckload. Paired shoes are sold in gaylord boxes or cap-sacks. 

We ship to customers all over the world! 

Contact us here to gain more information about purchasing clothing and shoes by the truckload. Or feel free to call us at 7705302282 to speak with a specialist about supplying your business with the truckloads you need to thrive!