Target Kids New Overstock Apparel Assorted Lot | Shelf Pulls | 100 Pieces | Newborn - Kids Size 10/12. $3.37 Per Piece

  • Offer Type: Assorted Case Lot of Kids Apparel
  • Condition: New Overstock, Brand New with Tags
  • Gender/Age: Boys & girls, newborn - kids size 10/12, majority of items are in toddlers sizes.
  • Types of Clothing Often Included: Dresses, pants, tops, skirts, bottoms, rompers/jumpers, sweaters, leggings, outerwear, pajamas, onesies and more.
  • Current Seasons Available: Mixed Seasons
  • Not Manifested
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    • 100 Pieces:
      • Total Cost: $336.95
      • Per Piece: $3.37

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      New Overstock Target Assorted Kids Apparel Lot: These are assorted, unmanifested case lots of new overstock kids apparel from Target. This lot contains all brand new items, that have never been exposed to a retail environment.This is not a customizable pack, and all items included are at random. However, if you do have a preference, feel free to leave a note on your order and we'll do what we can.

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      • Flea Market Sellers
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      • eCommerce Stores
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