Mens Joe's Jeans | Graded Irregulars | $29.75/Pair | Assorted Colors & Sizes

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Mens Joe's Jeans | Assorted Colors & Sizes | Graded Irregulars

Fashion Bulk highly recommends this product for retailers. A very popular name brand with excellent quality and value for the price.
  • Brand: Joe's Jeans
  • Gender: Mens
  • Liquidation Type: Graded (sorted) slight Irregulars.
  • Defects? This lot is offered as a no visible defects lot. 95% + should contain no defects whatsoever. 
  • Colors: Mixed. Mostly blue jeans, with a mix of other colors such as black, green, grey etc.
  • Size Range: Size range from mens 29-42
  • Original Retail Value: $99 and Up
  • Additional Details: Most include waist tags & hang tags

    Pricing & Quantity

      • Mens Joes Jeans Graded Irregulars (100 Pair Minimum)
        • Price Per Piece: $29.75/pc 
        • Total Cost: $2,975 (100 pairs)

          Call in (770-530-2282) or email us to purchase, all Joe's Jeans orders require additional buyer information.

          Mens Joe's Jeans Graded (Sorted) Slight Irregulars: Joes Jeans sorted irregulars are jeans that have been presorted by Joe's Jeans and are in excellent condition. No visible defects. This is an excellent lot for brick and mortar retails stores, discount stores, and fleamarket sellers.


          What type of businesses will have success with this specific product listing? 

          • Retail Stores
          • Resale Stores
          • Flea Market Sellers
          • Consignment Shops
          • Boutiques
          • Wholesalers