Kmart Kids Clothing | Shelf Pulls | Assorted Lot | 150 Pieces

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Kmart Kids Clothing | Shelf Pulls | Assorted Lot | 150 Pieces | Mix of Boys & Girls, kids & infant

  • Offer Type: Assorted Case Lot (Pack) 
  • Condition: All New, majority have tags intact
  • Liquidation Type: Shelf Pulls (Closeouts)
  • Gender: Boys & Girls
  • Ages: Kids & Infant
  • Brand Names Often Included: Everlast, Wrangler, Route 66, Fruit of the Loom, Joe Boxer, Athletech, Piper, Licensed Sports & Disney, Basic Editions, Hanes, and others including KM Department Store Private Labels.
  • Types of Clothing Often Included: shirts, pants, shorts, active wear, outerwear, dresses, jeans, polo's, sweaters, leggings, sleepwear and more. 
  • Current Seasons Available: Mixed Season
  • Not Manifested


  • $337.50, 150 Pieces
  • $2.25 Per Piece

Kmart Kids Apparel Assorted Lot: These are assorted, unmanifested case lots of kids & infants apparel from Kmart. Large majority of items should have retail tags with discount or reduced price tags on them. This is not a customizable pack, and all items included are at random. However, if you do have a preference, feel free to leave a note on your order and we'll do what we can. 

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  • eBay Stores
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  • Flea Market Sellers
  • Consignment Shops