Buying in Bulk is THE WAY TO GO!

If you're reading this, you're a re-seller. Which means you have to source new & different merchandise on a daily or weekly basis. But WHAT IF, you only had to source on a monthly or even yearly basis? In this blog post we're going to discuss why buying in bulk can be smart so long as you go with a trusted supplier. 

We Understand!

Buying in bulk can be incredibly scary, especially the first few times you do it. We've all heard the horror stories of small businesses & online sellers buying from a wholesaler and getting ripped off, lied to, or even stolen from. It happens on a daily basis. So many of these wholesalers & bulk sellers make their living off of one time purchases to unfortunate buyers who never knew what hit them. 

But there's a bright side! Because there ARE legitimate, wholesome, and honest wholesale & bulk businesses that are actually out there to make both parties money. 

What a Legitimate Wholesaler Looks Like

A legitimate wholesaler will always have a few key attributes:

  • They are thorough in their explanation of their products & honest about the condition and situation of their merchandise.
  • They will have in depth conversations with you at your request, and discuss all available options instead of trying to cram product down your throat. 
  • They answer the phone or call you back!
  • They have good reviews of their products either on their website, google profile or Facebook page.
  • They have a privacy policy and/or terms & conditions page.

When does it make sense to buy in bulk?

There are a lot of situations where it makes sense to buy in bulk. The most important question we all have to ask ourselves when making this consideration: Will this help grow my full time or part time business? Now often times that is situational, so let's list a few bullets of when buying in bulk WILL help you grow your business:

  • If you will save money buying in bulk.
  • If the merchandise is of higher value & spending more would still increase your bottom dollar. 
  • If the merchandise is in high demand & would move quickly in your store.
  • If buying in bulk would save you sourcing time that you can then spend selling more. 

Of course there are other reason why buying bulk can and will make sense, but those 4 bullet points are crucial! 

Why You Should Buy in Bulk

Let's expand & recap on the points listed above. As a resale business, it is a very time consuming business model. You have to be so nimble & flexible to sell a huge variety of products & merchandise, which means more research, more sourcing, more listing, and more time!

By buying in bulk from a trustworthy wholesaler, you can reduce so much of the time & effort that it takes to succeed in this type of business. ESPECIALLY if this wholesaler offers a consistent flow of product in a category that you know you can make money in. 

Buying in Bulk can and should be more frugal than having to source in person at thrift stores, auctions, garage sales, flea markets etc. so long as you find a wholesale/bulk business that can increase your bottom dollar & help your business grow.


We hope this blog has given your more perspective on the world of wholesale, and we look forward to assisting you and helping your resale business grow! 


- Fashion Bulk Team

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Joel September 27, 2018

Do you supply a manifest for perspective buyers to look at before placing orders. Thank you,

Mishi June 18, 2020

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