Selling Kids Clothing on eBay

There’s usually two kinds of clothing sellers on eBay: 1, sells a whole bunch of random sizes, styles, sexes, etc. etc. 2, focuses on a niche.

Whether you’re a seller of assorted clothing or a niche seller, in this blog post we’re going to cover the ins and outs of selling children's clothing on eBay.

Why Should I Sell Children's Clothing on eBay?

There is a HUGE market for baby, kids, and youth clothing on eBay.

  • Parents go to buy their kids clothing on eBay because they can buy in large quantities all the same size, brand, or style in order to save oodles and oodles of time and money.
  • The active to solds ratios are pretty great for kids clothing in comparison to the clothing market in general on eBay.
  • Just like the rest of clothing, kids clothing is a big category on eBay.
  • Spending money on your children might as well be a staple in America, which inclines parents to buy their kids what they want!

As you can see there are plenty of viable reasons why kids clothing does well on eBay. There are entire businesses that have full time employees, - based entirely around selling children’s clothing on eBay.

The important distinction is selling the right clothing in the right way.

The Right Kids Clothing to Sell on eBay

If you’re interested in selling kids clothing on eBay, you need to make sure you’re selling what people are buying. Obviously! Well… What’s selling well?

  1. Sell Name Brand Clothing
    1. Name brand clothing is still the bedrock & foundation of the clothing market on eBay. Brands like Carters, Circo, Gap, Garanimals, etc. etc.
  2. Sell by Popular Style
    1. Usually parents will buy what they think looks “cute” for their kids. So the more inline your clothing is with the styles that parents like, the more inclined they are to make a purchase.
  3. Sell by Popular Subject
    1. This follows closely with selling name brand, but you want to sell the clothing that follows a popular subject (as much as you can) - like disney apparel from a new movie (Frozen?). While this is not an absolute necessity, it WILL help your sell through rate go up.

The Right Way to Sell Kids Clothing on eBay

There are two primary ways that you should try to sell kids clothing:

  1. By the Lot
  2. Individually

Pretty standard right? Let’s make sure we’re clear on this because this is the most important part.

By the Lot:

Selling kids clothing by the lot is the most surefire way to maximize sales over time. Generally parents want to buy an entire lot of clothing for their child because then they don’t have to spend more money in a department store AND spend more time sifting through brands, styles, and sizes. On eBay they can just search the size, brand, and style and get exactly what they’re looking for in bulk!

Most frequently, parents will buy a kids clothing lot by searching for size and brand. So when you create your listing, it’s important that you base it primarily off of size and brand.

  • Ex: “Circo Toddlers shirt 10 piece lot size 12
  • Ex: “Kids Size 4 Shirt Lot 15 Pieces Assorted Brands

Additionally, when you’re selling by the lot, it’s ALWAYS best that the main picture is an appealing picture of the entire lot. The only exception is if you are selling a really notable brand, and it’s all the same shirt, pant, etc etc. then you can just photograph the single item.


Selling kids clothing individually is great in two scenarios:

  1. When it’s a single item, that is of high value or will sell very fast.
  2. When you don’t have enough clothing that is the same brand, style, or especially size to put together a good lot.

Buying Wholesale Kids Clothing from Fashion Bulk

Our recommendation for serious sellers of kids clothing on eBay, is to purchase from Fashion Bulk in large quantities.The reason being that when you have a bigger lot, you will have more clothing enabling you to organize and categorize by size & brand, meaning that you have stronger lots to offer to your customers & they will keep coming back once their kids grow out of the previous lot that you sold them.

Check out our Name Brand Kids Clothing!

We hope that this blog post has helped shape and improve your understanding and desire to sell kids clothing on eBay! We look forward to continuing to help our customers and the re-seller's community succeed.


Fashion Bulk Team

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