Sales Through Social Media for your eCommerce Fashion Store: Facebook

You’re willing to use any channel, any website, any avenue to get sales right? Everybody keeps talking about using Social Media to get sales, and... It all sounds so easy until you actually try it and see the problems that stand before you.... In this 3 part blog series, we’re going to teach you how to use Social Media to create long lasting, effective, and affordable sales channels on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Sales Through Social Media For Your eCommerce Store - Facebook

The times are changing - Facebook isn’t what it used to be. This social channel has become saturated with businesses, increasingly regulated by the social site & government, and the number of active users have plateaued and even begun to decrease. But wait! The social media gurus at Fashion Bulk are here to tell you that you can still build a social empire & succeed on Facebook even in light of the unfortunate changes in the social media world.

Content Content Content

Whether you’re advertising or using Facebook groups or building a Facebook page, Content will always be King. The most effective way to build long lasting sales (across ANY industry), is to create content that makes people stop what they’re doing and read or watch or view.

Content tips:

  • Create a content rich blog that creates clicks from Facebook to your website.
  • Use pictures & videos with short text, we are visual creatures! And if you’re really good, include some audio in there too. This is especially important in the fashion world.
  • If you’re making a post or a blog or a recommendation or an ad etc. focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. 1 really strong Facebook ad can make you more money than 10 mediocre ads.

Facebook Groups

If you’re running a Fashion based eCommerce store, you better be taking advantage of Facebook Groups, because if you’re not, you’re missing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

Participating in other Facebook Groups: There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of Fashion Based Facebook groups that cater to every niche imaginable. When used properly, you can build both clout and your customer base.

  • Comment on other’s posts.
  • Create valuable posts that give others information.
  • Post on the discussion board with questions or ask for help, showing a little humility can actually build your street cred a lot.
  • Become friends with the people that you’re interacting with, they could be your customer! Once you’re acquainted with someone, it’s not unreasonable to send them a FB message asking if you can share your website with them.
  • Find creative ways to share your website or content without breaking the group’s rules.
  • Make sure you’re participating in groups that have at least some relation to your target market.

Create your own Facebook Group: This requires some work, but we promise it can be even more effective than participating in someone else’s group. If you create a healthy Facebook group of 500 - 10,000+, we guarantee that you’ll see a steady increase in sales. For some eCommerce stores, they do over $1000+ per day in revenue solely from their Facebook group! Without spending any real advertising dollars! We have seen a number of online boutiques & ecommerce stores do this successfully. Below are bullet points of the essentials that you need to build your group.

  • You need influencers
    • There are a lot of influencers such as fashion bloggers, affiliate marketers etc. that have massive followings, all it takes is getting a few of them to support your Facebook Group & get behind the style of your eCommerce store & brand.
  • Doing product giveaways is SOOOO important!
    • This is an excellent way to build loyalty & expand your reach with minimal effort.
    • Here’s an example: “Share our Facebook group to be entered for a chance to win our most popular romper for free!”
  • Have your friends comment on each post you make - It will help ensure that posts show up in your group member’s feeds.
  • Post daily, spark up discussions, offer advice, share your personal life a little bit.
  • Offer exclusive deals only available for those who are members of the group.
  • Make sure you have the link to your website pinned & in your About Us section.
  • And most of all, create valuable content!

Facebook Page

Nowadays, having a Facebook page isn’t necessarily a necessity, but depending on what kind of fashion business you’re running, you may want to consider it. Facebook pages can be a great way to build legitimacy, push sales, and maximize exposure.

Building Legitimacy: A Facebook Page builds legitimacy in two primary ways.

  • Just generally having a Facebook page that you post on regularly, shows people that you’re a real company, and not some type of scam.
  • You can build a vast list of 5 star - positive reviews, so that when people are looking into your company, it’s clear that you’re the real deal. Because of Amazon, reviews run the world!

Push Sales

  • You can increase your sales by offering exclusive deals only available on your Facebook Page, it’s a great way to build your social following.
  • Having links to your website on your Facebook Page will without a doubt bring more people to your website so long as you have people consistently viewing your page.

Maximize Exposure

  • Your Facebook Page will help you show up in Google Search.
  • By putting your business across multiple channels, it’s inevitable that your business is going to be in front of more faces.

Building your Facebook Page: Quick How To

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page
  2. Put your logo as your Profile Picture, and put a really aesthetically pleasing yet accurate picture as your banner image.
  3. Invite all of your Facebook Friends to like the page in order to get some traction started.
  4. Create a thorough list of different types of posts that you can make (sharing blog posts, new product releases, changes to the company, a little bit of personal stuff to get people invested in YOU, sharing the Facebook Group link, sharing links to your website, posting memes & funny pictures, telling short - related stories, etc.)
  5. Schedule posts every week to maximize efficiency.
  6. Do a few product giveaways on your Facebook Page.
  7. Make sure that you have links to your Facebook Page on your website, and on your company emails.
  8. And most of all, create valuable content, with excellent images & videos!

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become very popular, and can be an EXCELLENT source of exposure for your business. Here's the number one reason: Facebook Live notifications are one of the most if not the most frequent notifications when a friend or a page goes live. Your followers get that notification on their phone and boom, you're right in front of them giving them info, product videos & great content. 

Just click "Live Video" on your Facebook Page where you post on your timeline, and start making it happen! Facebook live is such a great tool, and we highly recommend it. 

    Facebook Advertising

    Explaining Facebook advertising will take quite a while, so we’re going to give you a thorough explanation in another blog post. - Stay tuned, we’ll release this blog post immediately after we’ve completed our Sales Through Social Media Series.

    In Closing

    We want your eCommerce fashion business to succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed! If you use the information and tips we’ve provided in the blog post, we’re confident you will see excellent growth in sales that will last you for years to come. As always, feel free to message or call us anytime for help or advice, we’re here for you! Stay tuned for next week’s blog on getting Sales Through Social Media: Pinterest.

    - Fashion Bulk Team

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