How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay, Part 3: Supplies, Best Practices & Perfection

How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay, Part 3: Supplies, Best Practices & Perfection

In our final blog post of our 3 part series on selling name brand used clothing on eBay, we’re going to provide you with the supplies we recommend you use, some of the best practices for long term success as an eBay clothing seller, and finally provide you with great advice on perfecting your practice.

What Supplies and Where?

We’ll make this part quick & painless so you can get what you need. Here are the primary supplies you need to be an effective eBay clothing seller:

  • SKU Labels - When you have a large inventory, which will likely happen when you sell clothing, you’re going to need to label each piece respective to the SKU number that you placed in the SKU section of your listing. So that when it sells, you know exactly where it is:
  • Storage Containers/totes - The easiest way to store your inventory is to create an inventory system using totes. This is only one option, find a container that is both the cheapest and can store the most inventory. With these totes you can hold 40 pieces in each box. We have included two pictures that one of Fashion Bulk’s customers sent in to show you how they do it.

  • Scale - A standard food scale should suffice for weighing your items.
  • Optional Supplies

    Best Practices After Your Listings Go Live

    Even after you’ve gotten your listing live, there is still more you can do to improve your chances of getting the sale. Let’s start with Promotions.


    There are a number of different ways that you can run promotions. From our perspective, we encourage you to run a “Sale Event + Markdown.”

    Sale Event + Markdown:

    • Discount level - Choose what is best for you, however we encourage you to offer sales not below 15% off, 30% is usually a good number that will get buyer’s attention.
    • Choosing Listings - This depends on what you want, it’s okay to even put your whole store on sale if you want!
    • Date Range: A 24-48 hour sale is very common in this industry, but if your margins are good enough, don’t be afraid to put your items on sale for well over a week or even for a full 30 days.
    • Description: If the listings you chose are a mixture, saying something like “Store-Wide Sale: 30% Off, ending soon!” Versus if you were only doing a jeans sale: “All jeans on sale now at 30% off, 48 hour sale”
    • Then it’s time to launch and watch the results!
    • Remember, you can’t run any promotions unless you have a store subscription.

    Promoted Listings

    Promoted listings are different from regular promotions - promoted listings are when you offer eBay a percentage of the sale in exchange for them to advertise your listing above what it would be otherwise. For example, you could put half of your store up in promoted listings at 8.5%, which means that if that listing sold through a promotion, you would owe eBay 8.5% of what it sold for.

    • eBay has a “trending rates” option which you can apply to all of your promoted listings.
    • We generally recommend you not go above 15% unless it’s a really expensive item, but even so, you’re also going to lose over 12% already to eBay & Paypal fees.
    • You are only charged if the listing sells as a promoted listing.
    • After a listing ends, just remember that so does the promoted listing. So once you relist your item, you’ll have to add it back to promoted listings once more if you choose.

    Relisting Your Products

    Relisting your products can be a really good thing. An eBay store begins to thrive whenever you reach the 30 day mark because as listings are coming to an end, they are going to get more traffic since buyers want to purchase before the product ends. It also gives you the opportunity to relist if no one buys and it will work fairly similar to making a brand new listing - in regards to ranking. Here’s how to properly relist your products:

    • Go to your Seller Hub, and under “Listings” click - “Unsold”
    • Select as many listings as you’d like to relist and click - Sell Similar. DO NOT click “relist.”
    • It will then take you to a bulk editing page where you can edit all your listings. This is a good chance for you to make some minor edits to the listing title & pictures that may help you get the sale the next time around.
    • Once you’re happy with any edits you’ve made, click “submit all” and those listings are live!
    • Make sure you delete the listings in the “Unsold” section after you’ve relisted them.

    Buyer’s Questions

    You will certainly get questions from buyers on a regular basis, always be courteous and answer as quickly as possible, because eBay marks how long it takes you to respond.

    When to list?

    There are million different opinions on this. Generally, we encourage that you try to list every single day of the week. You can do this by preparing a number of listings to go out on different days of the week. In terms of actual timing, we encourage you to list a few listings at two different times of the day. Generally we would list at 2 pm and 8 pm. Don’t be afraid to test and follow eBay’s analytics to see what’s working best for you!

    Perfecting Your Process

    In the clothing market on eBay, you want to be able to list as efficiently as possible, fulfill orders as efficiently as possible, and move on to the other things you have to do in life. So it’s important that you constantly look for ways to improve on your speed, and the quality of your photos. Create a system for how you list - line up your scale, your bags, your SKU labels etc., so that everything is right in your reach to finish one listing and start on the other. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best!


    In closing we would like to thank all of our readers for following this series and for all of the positive feedback we’ve received. By using our process, we guarantee you can make a part time or even full time income on eBay in under 2 months. We hope that this series has helped teach, improve, and grow your store and chances of success as an eBay clothing seller. As always, feel free to message us with your questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to help.

    In need of product for your store? Check out our most popular package, the name brand clothing mixed lot for resale.

    P.S. in the coming weeks we will also be doing a series on selling on Poshmark! Stay tuned folks and HAPPY SELLING!

    Fashion Bulk Team

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