How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay, Part 2: The Listing Process

Part 2: The Listing Process

In part 1 of our 3 part series on selling name brand clothing on eBay, we discussed sourcing options and best practices. In part 2 we’re going to cover in depth - the process of listing your clothing on eBay and the best practices for getting the sale.

Creating Your Listing

Every decision you make on the back end of creating your listing is going to affect its likelihood of being sold. Follow our guide to creating your listing, and you’re guaranteed to have a better chance of getting the sale.


Setting up the shot
  • We recommend that you either use a mannequin or a clothing hanger for virtually all apparel items. The reason being that it’s more aesthetically pleasing, and it also makes you as a seller look more professional. At the very least use a large white board or table of some sort.
  • Additionally, place your hanger/mannequin in front of a plain or attractive backdrop that will accent the article of clothing.
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 pictures, the more the merrier. You really want to offer a clear and thorough representation of the item while making it as attractive as possible.
  • Make sure your camera is on a 1:1 picture taking ratio! That’s eBay’s preference.
  • We also recommend you take pictures with measurements, you will get constant messages asking for measurements otherwise.
Editing photos
  • Try to keep editing your photos to a minimum, usually for the listing’s main picture we recommend increasing the light and contrast slightly. It’s about what’s going to give you the best looking pictures within a reasonable amount of time & work.
Efficiency Practices:
  • For the sake of efficiency, there’s usually no need for more than 9-10 pictures. The more pictures you take, the fewer number of listings you can complete in a day.
  • It’s usually best to take the pictures and upload directly from your phone on the eBay app if you have a good camera.

Listing Title:

  • The picture and title are the two most important factors for getting your listing sold on eBay.
    • Use as much length as needed to accurately describe what you’re selling.
Keyword placement
    • We have a proven model for the placement of keywords, here is our order:
      • Gender/Brand/item type+color/size/any additional information (color, fabric, style etc.)
    • There are at times exceptions, and it’s okay to experiment & test what works the best for you, but that is the general order we recommend. Here are some examples:
      • “Women's Eddie Bauer Button Down Shirt Size Extra Large Plaid Long Sleeve Blouse”
      • “Mens Joseph & Feiss Pink Button Down Dress Shirt Size 20 Career 100% Cotton”
      • “Womens Chaps Cheetah Print Blouse Size Medium Short Sleeve Stretch V Neck Top”
  • We don’t recommend spending money on Bold Titles or Subtitles.

Custom Label (SKU):

  • We recommend you use SKU’s if you plan on having a large inventory, it makes it so much easier to keep up with your inventory.


  • Categorizing your listing properly is vital, make sure that it goes under the correct category.
  • If it’s a woman’s blouse it would go under: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Women’s Clothing > Tops

Condition & Condition Description:

  • Condition
    • Pretty straight forward, it’s either new with tags, new without tags, new with defects or pre-owned.
  • Condition Description
    • There is some debate as to the proper way of describing your item. But in our eyes, it’s either new, like new, excellent used condition, or flawed (with a description of the flaw).
    • Individually describing each piece’s condition takes a lot of time and slows the listing process. For used clothing generally we recommend you categorize it under “excellent used condition” or “like new.”
    • Just make sure you describe its condition accurately so you don’t receive a bad review from an unhappy customer.

Item Specifics

  • If you properly fill out the title first, eBay’s algorithm will make fill-in recommendations to speed up the process.

  • Some items will require additional item specific fill ins like features etc. Generally we recommend you always fill in the following.
    • Brand, Size, Style, Material, Color, Occasion, Pattern, Sleeve Style, Neckline, and Country/Region of Manufacturer.

Item Description:

The item description is mildly important when it comes to used clothing. For new clothing - especially NWT, or high ticket items, you usually want to fill in a lot of information to get the sale. 

So, for the item description, we recommend you copy & paste the listing title to the top of the item description. Underneath, it’s a good idea to include a paragraph or two about your shipping policy, return policy, and just a friendly message that will give the buyer peace of mind, such as:

"We understand how hard it is to buy clothing online and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.  You may return any clothing item within 30 days if you don't love how it fits. Returns must be unused with tags still attached.  We only accept returns from USA buyers."

MAKE SURE that you have the “mobile-friendly checker” working!



If your description is mobile friendly this will what you will see:

Selling Details

Fixed Price or Auction?

There are two different models when it comes to selling clothing on eBay, either can work, but we highly recommend fixed price. Let’s go over both.

Fixed Price

  • Fixed price means you’re offering a “Buy it Now” price, it’s a set in stone price unless you allow offers (you should allow offers).
  • Buy it Now Price: Make sure you do the math and have a concrete idea of how much you want to make versus need to make for each listing. Generally you want to at least triple your investment on that item.
  • Your Duration should be for 30 days.
  • Best Offer: We insist that you allow best offer on all apparel listings. eBay is a marketplace of buyers looking to get the best deal. Enable your buyers to feel like they’re getting a good deal. We guarantee you will get 40%+ more sales just by allowing best offer.
    • Turn on: “Require Immediate Payment with Buy it Now”


  • Auction means you’re allowing buyers to bid on your clothing items.
  • But on eBay, apparel isn’t always quite right for auction listings. However there are times when it can be worth it.
  • We recommend doing auction listings on low value items and items that haven’t sold in a long time (3 months or more), starting the auction price at $0.99, and price your shipping at $7.95.
  • If you have a high ticket item, it might be wise to offer it for auction, just make sure you set a minimum bid threshold so that it doesn’t sell below its value.
  • 7 day auctions are our recommendation
  • Allow the "buy it now" option as well

Other recommendations for Selling Details

  • Check on the sales tax laws in your state to ensure that you’re paying the necessary taxes for those who purchase within state lines.

  • Accept Domestic Returns on clothing no matter what.
    • 30 day returns
    • If you want top rated seller status on that listing, offer free returns (paid by seller). Will also increase likelihood of sale.
    • We don’t usually recommend accepting international returns.
  • We don’t recommend allowing for automatic relisting.


  • There are different models for shipping (as you can see with auction style)
  • Charging for Shipping:
    • We recommend you click “Calculated: cost varies by buyer location”
    • Services: Include both of the options below to give your buyers more options.
      • If it’s under 1 lbs, click “USPS First Class Package (2 to 3 business days)
      • If it’s over 1 lbs, click “USPS Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope”
  • Offering Free Shipping:
    • Free shipping is usually a good thing, but we don’t recommend it unless you are selling the item for over $20 minimum. Buyers usually pay only $3-5 in shipping on apparel, usually not enough for the buyer to look elsewhere.
  • Offer local pick up if you can.
  • We insist that you offer “1 Business Day” Handling Time - this plays a part in both buyer decision and on eBay’s search engine (Cassini) ranking.
  • Sell internationally with the Global Shipping Program - it’s very easy to set up, and it almost never costs you more time or money.
  • Package Weight & Dimensions
    • Click on Package or Thick Envelope
    • Don’t worry about the dimensions
    • Click Custom Weight and fill in your weight by the ounce (oz).

What's Next?

Once you have thoroughly filled out your listing based on the details we provided above, all that's left to do is make sure you have all of your shipping materials, and a few extra tips to help promote your listing once it's live! 

In Part 3 of our Series on Selling Name Brand Clothing on eBay, we're going to give you all the necessary resources and links you need to be a money making machine on eBay! Including shipping supplies, running sales & promotions, listing times, and some final advice to set you on the right pathway. We look forward to helping you grow your business, and as always feel free to contact us with questions, we're here to help. 

- Fashion Bulk Team


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