How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay, Part 1: Sourcing is the largest online resale marketplace in the world, there are literally thousands of proven models to make money. One of the most commons models: used clothing. Just under the search term “shirt” there are over 50 million available listings. Which means if you’re a buyer, you can always find what you’re looking for. However product isn’t always guaranteed to move as the seller.

Prospering as a used clothing seller on eBay is not as easy as it once was, this market has become saturated in many categories and under many brands. But fret not, because clothing is still a working model, - even in some of the more saturated areas! In part 1 of a 3 part series on selling clothing on eBay, we’re going to cover how to effectively source quality name brand clothing for resale on eBay.

Sourcing from a Wholesale Supplier

It truly depends on what you’re most interested in selling, but there are a number of wholesale clothing suppliers that could be worth your while. First on the list: Fashion Bulk!

Fashion Bulk supplies used clothing in bulk that is specifically tailored for eBay sellers who buy wholesale. We specialize in name brand used clothing. Each piece of clothing is hand checked and goes through a two step selection process to ensure quality. All of the brands included in our packages are chosen based off of the ratio of active listings to sold listings on eBay. If a brand does not meet a certain threshold in the ratio (both quantity and ratio proximity), it is not included.  Lastly, our most popular package is our Wholesale Name Brand Used Clothing Mixed Lot. We offer the lowest prices on all our packages to ensure that sellers have excellent margins.

Other Wholesale Sources:

There are well over 1 dozen credible sources to purchase clothing for resale, with accomodations for the smallest or biggest operations. The majority of these will be websites connected to department store liquidations.

    • A fairly common website amongst eBay businesses. is primarily liquidated clothing from department store returns and brand new items. Mostly pallet sized loads.
    • Another primarily liquidated clothing website, offering pallets of customer returns and overstock.
    • Very similar to, except a lot more than just clothing.
    • Bstock is a very legitimate wholesale supply company & marketplace, they have relationships with some of the largest retailers in the US.
    • A smaller operation, liquidating clothing from department stores like macy’s and JCPenny.
    • Offering everything from purses to blouses.
  • Macy’s Liquidations
    • You can sign directly up to Macy’s Liquidation program and find great deals on everything from clothing to pots and pans.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a great start if you’re not familiar with wholesale clothing companies in this industry.

Sourcing from a Thrift Store

Sourcing from a thrift store is the most common way that eBay clothing sellers acquire their supply. Thrift stores can be really convenient for location, and also for really rare finds where whoever donated it didn’t know its value. At the same time, sourcing from a thrift store can be a huge time suck and often you come back empty handed.

We have a few tips for sourcing from thrift stores to help make the process go more smoothly and get the most bang for your buck.

  • Thrift stores usually have discount days on all clothing, a color tag, or certain categories; go on those days.
  • If you know a discount day is approaching, be prepared to get there before everyone else so you have a better chance of getting great product.
  • Go on days where they put up new product. Even if you have to pay a little extra you can often find more expensive items (to sell) that haven’t been taken yet.
  • Never go below the margins that you need. We recommend not purchasing an item unless you’re guaranteed to triple your investment, or unless you know that it will sell quickly.
  • Go to thrift stores in high income areas.

Sourcing from Garage Sales/Estate Sales

Sourcing from garage sales/estate sales can reap some of the highest rewards of all the sourcing options. Even though the warm season is winding down, you can still find garage sales almost every weekend until mid to late November. You can find garage sales on Facebook (through the marketplace, pages and groups), and on Craigslist.

Our only word of advice is to not be afraid to negotiate price with the home owners or attendants. They’re having a garage sale for two reasons: money (of course) and to clear up space. So they want that stuff gone, they really don’t want to bring it back in the house.

Final Advice for Sourcing

If you’re not a seasoned seller on eBay, chances are you’re trying to figure out what brands & styles to buy & sell on your eBay store. Our greatest piece of advice is to base it off of the ratio of active listings to sold listings. So whenever you’re looking at a wholesale lot, or in a thrift store or garage sale, you want to have as much possible information about the product as possible.

If you’re buying a wholesale lot, look at their manifest, or their description to determine what kind of quality and brands you can expect. If you’re in a thrift store or at a garage sale, you’re going to be able to see first hand, so look at that ratio, and determine if there is enough demand for the current supply. A 10:1 ratio of active listings to sold listings will tell you that that brand will sell, just not very quickly, and that there’s a solid amount of competition. A 4:1 - 2:1 ratio is going to be your wheelhouse in this industry. There is usually more involved than just the ratio like season, style, quality, category etc. but the ratios are still #1 on the list of factors to consider.

Well That’s All Folks!

As always we hope this blog post has helped you further your chances of success on eBay as a clothing seller. Check in next week for Part 2 of our series on “How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay.”  

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to ask for advice, we pride ourselves on helping and improving this community. Cheers!

Fashion Bulk Team

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