Buy What's Selling

Buy What's Selling

Well that's pretty straight forward right? Then why are so many eBay sellers trying to sell products with little to no demand? The answer is: lack of understanding their marketplace.

We're going to cover two things in today's blog post:

  1. How to measure demand on eBay.
  2. Why our Brand Name Clothing Resale Package is in Demand 

How to Measure Demand on eBay

Demand on eBay is often black and white, but sometimes it's more complicated. The most important thing to pay attention to is the ratios.

  • When we say ratios, we're talking about the ratio of active listings to sold listings. Once you search for a product, you will see on the left hand side, right below the search bar - a number, that number is the exact number of active - available listings that showed up for your search inquiry.
  • To view how many sold listings there are, all the way on the left hand side of the page will be all of the available categories and search preferences. Scroll down until you see "Sold Listings"  - click on it. 
  • Now in the same place that you witnessed the number of active listings you will see the number of sold listings. - The number of sold listings is based off of the past 90 days of sold items based on the category/search that you performed. 

 Here are the pictures for reference when we searched for "Clothing."

Break Down of Demand in "Clothing" 

As you can see there definitely IS demand for clothing on eBay. Of course demand can always be better. 

What you will quickly notice is that there are far more active listings than sold listings. So ideally you want the number of sold listings to be as close to the number of active listings as possible, OR even better - more solds than active!

In regards to selling clothing - there is definitely certain clothing categories & brands that have a better ratio than the total clothing category. 

A Good Brand Example:  If you look up "North Face Jacket" you'll see that there are 57,000 active listings, and 22,000 sold. That's a pretty good ratio! That means there there is clear and definable demand in this category and would be worth your time to sell. 

A Bad Brand Example: If you look up "Hanes" there is over 2 MILLION active listings! Yet, under solds there is only 78,000 sold in the last 90 days... While clearly there ARE some people buying, that's a really bad ratio and you don't want to sell that brand. 

When is Demand on eBay NOT Black and White? 

This question requires a situational answer - which means... it's situational! You may be selling a brand of clothing that doesn't have a crazy amount of active or sold listings, but there's still enough for it to be worth a try, yet even though it seems like it's a really great brand/item, there's not a lot of solds in that category. That doesn't necessarily mean that there's no demand. 

Let's use an example: let's say that I'm looking to sell a Hawaiian shirt, and that specific brand follows the criteria above. And as a seller I'm getting confused why there's not more demand for this product. But then after doing a little more research I realize that all of the listings that aren't sold are size small, medium, and large of this brand. Good thing I'm selling an XL because there's a great ratio of active listings to sold listings. 

This is one, out of a billion examples. So always keep in mind: look closer at what specifically you're trying to sell & ask yourself why or why not the demand does or doesn't fit the supply on eBay. 

Why our Brand Name Clothing Resale Package is in Demand

We want you to make the right decision for YOUR business, so as you're reading this ask yourself whether or not this is right for you, either way we're here to help!

Brands Brands Brands

If you're selling clothing on eBay, chances are it's based around brands. When you go thrifting - you buy first based on the brand and second based on the style. 

While that's not always the case, most of the time eBay consumers are the same way. In growing consumerist societies like USA, people want to say that they're wearing "THIS" brand or "THAT" brand because it makes people think a certain way about that person. 

Which is why we off the Brand Name Clothing Resale Package. Fashion Bulk's Founder Tim Folsom was and still is a seller of clothing on eBay, and he designed this package to include only brand name clothing - that specifically has demand on eBay. He got so tired of sorting through racks and racks at the thrift store that he went up the chain and created a company that could solve that problem for him and more importantly for other eBay sellers.  

If you're spending hours every week going to thrift stores, consignment stores, etc. when you could be spending that time listing & getting sales. We encourage you to give this a try. It goes from hours every week - to hours every year!

 Most importantly: Our Brand Name Clothing Resale Package is based on the ratio of active listings to sold listings! So no matter what, you're getting in demand product for your customers.

Check out our most popular package: Name Brand Clothing Mixed Lot

We hope that this blog has helped you get one step closer to growing your business. Happy Selling! 


- Fashion Bulk Team


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