Blog Post: Prepare Your eBay & Poshmark Store for Quarter 4 | Christmas Selling Advice

Quarter 4 is the most important season of the year as an eBay & Poshmark Seller. Historically this is the season of highest sales for most stores, especially in the fashion market. This is the gift giving season: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course - Christmas!

With a few subtle changes, we’re confident we can show you how to measurably increase your sales revenue, and just in time the Christmas season.


Change Your Prices

Generally we encourage eBay clothing stores to start lowering their prices or creating bigger sale events.

Lowering Prices

  • Price reductions often register with the eBay Cassini algorithm and can help boost your listings in search.
  • In the bulk editor on your eBay Seller Hub, you can edit all or just a portion of your listings to reduce price in an efficient manner.
  • We encourage a 30% reduction in price across the board to fuel sales. And/Or….

Aggressive Sale Events

  • Just like price reductions, sale events often register with the eBay Cassini algorithm, and the display itself of a “sale” on your listing is going to encourage buyers to purchase.
  • You can create a “Sale Event + Markdown” in the Promotions section of your eBay Seller Hub.
  • Create more than one sale event! Try different discounts & product categories, because the merchandise you sell varies, and you may find a sweet spot for your target market. An example would be to simultaneously run a 30% sale on a couple dozen/hundred of your listings, and run a 50% sale on others.
  • Another Option: Take a sample size of your listings (let’s say 20%), and increase the price by 15%, then create a 33% sale on those same listings. You’re still offering them a deal, but you’re not losing as much money as you would in a regular sale offer situation.

It’s important to remember in these situations, that buyers want to feel like they’re getting a good deal, especially at this time of the year - it’s an expectation, it’s the status quo.

You MUST Add New Inventory

We know you’ve heard it before: LIST, LIST, LIST!!! And it’s true. eBay wants to see that you’re an active seller. So you need to keep listing during this time. List even more than usual if you can! Because if you’re not, your sales will slow, we’d bet our lives on it!

What type of products should I be listing?

  • 90% Seasonal Items. It’s winter time, so long sleeves, coats, sweaters, jackets, cardigans, pants, long socks, scarves, boots etc. Are all going to move much quicker than warm weather items.
    • Beyond just the type, look for christmas related items, like christmas sweaters, famous christmas movie merchandise. It’s also a great time to sell football & sports related winter apparel.

Any advice on sourcing?

  • Yes, source more aggressively for the items we mentioned above, seek after these seasonal items and get them up on your store as fast as you can! In a previous blog post we discussed some of your wholesale apparel sourcing options in Part 1 of our 3 Part Series on How to Sell Name Brand Clothing on eBay. But don’t forget….
  • Fashion Bulk offers an excellent package for the winter season: Name Brand Coats & Jackets Bulk Box Which is currently on sale too, just in time for winter!



There are a lot of similarities between eBay & Poshmark in preparation for holiday eCommerce. Yet, the way that the seller delivers and acts on those similarities are different.

Posh Bundles

Posh Bundles are when someone purchases more than one item from a closet in a single transaction. But here’s the cool thing you can do with this: after someone likes one of the items you’re selling, you can add it to a “Bundle” AND you can even send them a reduced price offer to encourage them to buy. Meaning that you can reach out directly to someone who has taken interest in what you’re selling, by offering them a discount on more than one item. It’s an ingenious way to upsell.

Posh Bundles are an excellent way to capitalize on this holiday season. If you aren’t using Posh Bundles you need to be. BUT LISTEN CLOSELY! Even if the buyer doesn’t purchase, your styling activity is shared to the feed, so the more you “style” the more your closet will be seen by potential buyers.


You Must Add New Inventory

The same as with eBay, you need to be consistently posting new merchandise to sell. Follow the advice we gave you in the eBay section of this post for reference. The only outside piece of advice we’d like to offer is that the Poshmark community has a higher expectation for trendy, “cute” items.

Take Advantage of the Social Aspect of Poshmark

Unlike eBay, Poshmark has a much stronger social aspect: like, sharing, following, posh parties etc. If you want your christmas sales to jump through the roof, you MUST take an aggressive approach to the social aspect of Poshmark. Another positive of doing this, is that it will have a long term increase in sales as you spread your reach and show Poshmark & buyers that you’re a serious, dedicated seller.

The VP of Data Science & Analytics at Poshmark: Barkha Saxena, said that sharing 10 or more times per day can increase your chances of making a sale by 50%.

Posh Parties

  • There are going to be hundreds of Christmas related Posh Parties. So we implore you to get involved in those parties, lead those parties and stand out in those parties. Join the parties that have the best fit for your merchandise and stand out amongst the crowd.

In Closing, Hustle for the Holidays

If there was ever a time to hustle, it’s this christmas season. The fashion market is continuing to grow, and consumer retail confidence is at an ALL TIME HIGH! List list list, share, like, participate. We’re confident that with a little bit of extra work, and a hyper focus on your customer base with regards to seasonal habits, you can make more money this season than you ever have before on eBay & Poshmark.

As always, we hope this blog post has helped further your business to new levels, and you can always reach out to us for advice or questions.


Fashion Bulk Team

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